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Waichin Valley :


Waichin valley, also known as Magic valley is located higher up near the village of Malana, Himachal Pradesh, India.It is approximately 4 kms above Malana. It is one of oldest and one of the less known villages of himachal Pradesh, isolated from the screech of monotonous world. It is located at a height of 9062 ft above the sea level with a population less than 100(because of its location and climate). This place is enveloped with aesthetic beauty of mountains,comely colorful flowers and night of glinting stars!  You will come across a view that will leave you mesmarised. The locals live a very simple life there. They wake up early in the morning, go farming, spend their day in agricultural work and come back home to spend the rest of the time with their families; very generous and welcoming in nature. Hippies from all corners of the world come here in search of peace, tranquility and self acknowledgement . Plus it has got the best leaves to get you high.

Waichin Valley



Waichin valley’s trek starts from a dam(recently constructed) that is approximately 2.5 kms from the gate of Malana village. You can either book a direct cab from Bhuntar/Jari to the dam(it will cost you around 1500/800 in INR) or you can take a local bus from Jari to Malana village(it will cost you 30 in INR) and get a cab from there( it will cost you around 200-300 in INR).It is a 2-3 hour trek from the dam. You can easily get a tour guide from the gate of Malana village to take you up there. You can go on your own also if you want to explore it yourself but i would suggest you to take a guide along as the trek is a bit tricky for the first timer.

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There is no guest house or hotels in Waichin valley, so you have to stay in tents only. You can either get your own tents,hammock etc or you can hire few from camp sites in Malana or in the valley itself. The price is very reasonable from 900-1200 INR/person. These camp will provide you with breakfast,lunch and dinner. You can get tea,coffee,snacks and maggi at a local shop there.The only source of electricity is solar energy.Sometimes you dont get network on your mobile phones too but airtel works fine.



The temperature of Waichin valley always remains low but the best time to visit is late August-early November. You will have the most beautiful morning with the rays of sun spreading all over the colorful valley and night full of shimmering stars. You will experience the breath-taking beauty of lush greenery all around you.By the end of August the harvesting of weed leaves start. This place is naturally blessed with an abundance of weed plants. In the month of october the locals start rubbing these leaves. They have their spirituality enrooted with their nature and any outsider if caught plucking or rubbing the leaves are charged a fine of 10000 INR.


I wonder how blessed the people of this valley are to be born in the veil of nature with the most beautiful mornings and nights,with the most pleasant touch of wind and cold, with the scenic beauty of stout mountains and waterfalls,with the most flabbergasting colours of flowers and sky, with the spiritual connection and peace it provides to your soul.

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It is one of my favourite places in Himachal.You can have your own bonfire nights with your own set of people.The tourism is not much there,so you can enjoy a peaceful solitude time with yourself and who knows what you end up discovering!

IMG_0987Waichin Valley

Thats Magic Valley for you, a place that holds magic in each and every single inch of itself. Go discover the undiscovered, The secret heaven of Earth.

Waichin ValleyWaichin ValleyIMG_1038Waichin Valley

  • always keep a torch, first-aid kit, an extra pair of socks, a bottle of water, edibles and a portable charger.
  • avoid unnecessary weight and wear shoes while trekking
  • try to trek before sunset as the trek is a bit tricky
  • carry a stick with you
  • follow the trails


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