Triund trek height | A beginner’s guide

Triund trek height


A lot of you have been asking me questions about Triund recently. It is understandable because this trek is among the top favorites for new enthusiasts or first timers and the internet may tell you how beautiful the destination is but it doesn’t really help you prepare for the journey itself. Jumping into unplanned adventures is ‘my thing’ so I jumped right into this without knowing what to expect, therefore, enabling me to present to you the top 7 things you must know and expect while heading for this trek:

Triund trek height
Triund trek height
  1. The ideal time to go on this trek is somewhere between May-Jun and Sep-Oct. If you choose May-Jun you would probably find a LOT of other tourists desperately looking for a getaway from the intense summer heat whereas you can expect Sep-Oct to be a little less touristy because monsoon has just ended and those opting for road trips would avoid hilly areas during this season. I personally prefer traveling off season hence I was here during mid-August. You can see why I absolutely love it because I travel to connect with nature and find some peace away from the hustle and bustle of my city life. It was constantly drizzling throughout the day, not enough to drench me but just enough to rejuvenate me like an expensive spray mist would on a hot day.
  2. The Himachal Government has recently banned overnight stay at Triund. The campsites and illegal constructions have been removed from the area and travelers aren’t allowed to pitch their own tents either. This basically means that you would have to start early (I strongly recommend reaching the starting point Galu before 10 am) and return by evening. You may start hiking from your hotel itself or you may hire a taxi/take your vehicle till Galu. Also, please have a valid id card handy for registration purpose.
  3. You might want to carry a waterproof jacket or a rain-coat if you’re traveling during monsoon season or even until September. The locals can even hike in chappals
     but for those of you doing this for the first time, I would strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes with thick soles and a good grip because the rocks can get pointy at some stage.
  4. Since it would be an early start, it might be difficult for most of you to grab a proper breakfast of your choice. Nevertheless, you should grab whatever is available because trekking with an empty belly is not a very good idea (especially for first timers). Also, grab something sweet to boost your energy at intervals (those calories will really help bring some energy) and pleaseeee put the wrappers inside your bags once you’re done consuming (a lot of people are volunteering through their time and energy to help keep the hills clean, please do your bit if you want this to last)
  5. There are shops at the top that would be able to serve you Maggi, tea, biscuits and other packaged food items (if not a full-fledged meal) so don’t worry about starving to death before you make it back, although as expected the rate of these items would be higher than normal.
  6. The authorities have generously marked rocks with painted yellow arrows to ensure you do not stray away from the path (despite the apparent trail of rocks which you can follow anyway to get there) so look out for those (in case you think you’ve lost your way).
  7. Try to ensure you wrap up before it is dark. Even though it comparatively takes lesser time to get back down, it entirely depends on one’s capability (first timers might experience muscle pain). Anytime between 3-4 pm would be good time to head back
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