Trekking Near Me✅ | 27 Best Treks Near You✅

Trekking Near Me✅ | 27 Best Treks Near You✅

If you are searching trekking places near you then this guide for you :

If You are from Mumbai then this guide will help you but if you want to know all best treks in India then Please check 31 Best Trekking Place by clicking Here

Maharashtra is located in the western ghats and is therefore quite famous for its various trekking spots. It is also home to the great warrior Maratha Shri Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the warrior king of the Maratha Empire, born in the mountain fortress of Shivneri and crowned king of the Kingdom of Maratha in the fortress of Raigad.

The magnificent forts of Maharashtra built and conquered by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also include Fort Tikona, Fort Korigad, Fort Visapur, Fort Tung, Fort Irshalgad, Fort Karnala, Fort Durgadi, Fort Kasa, and Fort Lingana. It was built by Shivaji Maharaj.

Now back to the original question, what are the best places for trekking in Maharashtra.

Lohagad Fort

One of the best places near Mumbai is the Lohagad Fort. Lohagad was an important mountain fortress that was widely used by Chatrapati Shivaji. During the monsoons, the fortress remains covered with fog and clouds and becomes particularly humid due to the growth of moss.

Fort Purandar

It is a huge fortress well fortified with a little history. Shivaji’s son Sambhaji was born in this fortress. The majestic building looks too good during the rain and is an amazing trekking experience near Mumbai.

Fort from Tikona

The Tikona Fort is a mountain fort near Kamshet (Maval region) in Maharashtra. This is one of the most beautiful hiking spots near Mumbai and Pune for a short hiking vacation.

Rajmachi hike

The Rajmachi Fort is strategically located on the historic trade route. Rajmachi Peak offers impressive views over the valley and has two fortified buildings: the Shrivardhan Fort and the Manaranjan Fort. This is one of the best hikes near Pune.

Korigad hike

If you are planning a day of hiking near Mumbai, Korigad is the place for you. The famous Fort of Lonavala is at an altitude of 300 meters. The main attraction of this hike are two caves and two large ponds inside.

Fort Mahuli Trek

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The creator of this fortress is unknown. The main Sahyadri Mountains are on the east side of Shahapur, while Mahuli Fort is on an isolated hill on its western wall. This makes it a secluded hiking area but one of the most majestic near Mumbai and Pune.

Sudhagad Trek Fort

Sudhagad (also called Bhorapgad) is one of the best forts near Pune. Sudhagad is a popular hiking destination near Mumbai and Pune. With trails full of lakes, a hike to this fort is simply breathtaking.

Raireshwar hike

Raireshwar is a historically important place in the southwest of Pune near Bhor. It’s a beautiful spot during the monsoon season, making it an ideal day hike destination near Mumbai and Pune.

Prabalgad Trek Fort

The Prabalgad Fort is located between Matheran and Panvel at an elevation of 2,300 feet in the Western Ghats. It was built on a plateau near Matheran, but unlike Matheran, it doesn’t have a good source of water.

Fort Raigad

Raigad Fort is just spectacular. This is one of the best walking tours near Mumbai with the option to walk at night. It’s scary but safe.

Ratangad Trek Fort

Are you looking for an adventurous trekking spot in Mumbai? Ratangad is the place for you. It has a natural rock summit with a cavity at the top called the “Nedhe” or “Eye of the Needle”. The base village of Ratanwadi can be reached by boat from Bhandardara. By boat it is a journey of 6 km and more, it is a hike of 4 km to Ratanwadi.

Hike to Kalsubai Peak

The Kalasubai Peak in Nagar District is the highest mountain in the Sahyadri Mountains. The Kalsubai Peak, Everest of the Sahyadris, is the dream of every hiker willing to climb it at least once. And it’s one of the best monsoon trekking spots near Mumbai.

Torna Trek

Although the road to Torna is straightforward in terms of direction, the route is quite steep in places. The Torna trekking route can be divided into three parts: a first ascent on the hill, a plateau and the last piece of rock that reaches the Torna Fort via Bini darwaja.

Jungli Jaigad Fort

Jungli Jaigad Fort is located in a dense forest full of wildlife near the famous Kumbharli Ghat in Ratnagiri district. Jungli Jaigad is one of the most interesting jungle hikes in Maharashtra.

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Hike to the Fort of Visapur

The Visapur Fort hike is a day hike around Mumbai and Pune. It shares some similarity with Lohagad Road, for which it is known as the Twin Fort of Lohagad. The Visapur Fort is bigger and higher than the Lohagad double festival. It is one of the best hiking destinations near Mumbai during the monsoons.

Fort Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is also known as a hiking paradise, as abseiling, climbing and valley crossing can all be done in one hike. It is also known as the best fort in Maharashtra for camping. There are almost 9 caves in total, including 2 large ones in Harishchandragad. This place makes it a great place for trekking near Mumbai.

Vasota Trek

Vasota stands in the middle of the dense evergreen forests of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and will fascinate you with its beauty. Each contour of the Vasota Hills enhances its beauty several times. A hike through this dense forest is an exciting experience. Vasota Trek is one of the most popular and exciting jungle treks in Maharashtra.

Sinhagad Fort

Fort Sinhagad was founded almost 2,000 years ago and was conquered by Mohammed Bin Tughlaq in 1340 AD. The magnificent architecture of this fortress attracts trekking enthusiasts from all over India. A trip to this exciting place will give you one of the best trekking experiences in India.

Pratapgarh Fort

A huge fortress in the Satara district of Maharashtra holds many surprises in store for budding hikers. The scenic beauty and the height of this fortress make the adventure tour even more exciting. Whether you are hiking alone or with a group of friends, the Pratapgarh Fort trekking experience is one of a kind.

Point Garbut

Also known as Garbett Point, it is located at a secluded vantage point that reveals a fascinating valley on one side and lush green jungle on the other. It is one of the top trekking companies in India that attracts adventure seekers from all over Maharashtra. If you hike frequently this is a hike to do during the monsoons this year.

Fort Rajgad

Rajgad is a 4,250 foot high mountain fortress and the best trekking destination for hikers in Pune, especially after the monsoons. The place of the fortress is famous for adventurous hikers and tourists, and offers spectacular views of the Sahyadri Mountains.

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Jivdhan Fort is located 3,757 feet high in the Sahyadri Mountains near the city of Narayangaon in the Pune District. The fort is one of the 5 most famous trekking destinations among trekking enthusiasts and hikers with a high level of difficulty.


The Dhodap Fort near Nasik is a magma dam and the second tallest fort in the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra. The third highest mountain in Maharashtra after Kalsubai and Salher, Dhodap is a great place for hikers and adventurous tourists.

Fort Harihar

Fort Harihar is a fascinating hike on a triangular rock in the Tryambak Mountains north of Igatpuri. Harihar Fort is very difficult to climb with the slippery slopes but offers great views of the surrounding Tailbaila Trek.

Tailbaila Trek

Trek to Ghangad and Tailbaila is one of two climbing hikes in the Lonavala region. The Tailbaila rock formation rises above Sahyadris and is famous for its four climbing routes.

Alang Fort

Alang Fort is located in the Kalsubai Mountains and is one of the most difficult hikes in Maharashtra. AMK is the most difficult place in the Sahyadri for trekking or Alang is together with Madangad and Kulang the most difficult trek in the Nasik district.


Salher is the tallest fortress in Maharashtra in the Nasik district. The fort is the highest hill fort and the second highest peak in the Sahyadris Range. The Salher hike takes about 3 hours to get to the summit from the base village of Salherwadi or Waghembe.

If you are looking for a quick rush of adrenaline, you can choose Kalavantin Durg, also known as the most dangerous fortress in the world (in fact, 75% of the hike is not dangerous, while the 20% that follow may be terrifying of heights and the next 5 % should complement them with rope climbing.

For a long night walk, you can go to Sinhagad from Katraj, Pune. You can find more information about the entry point on this way to Katraj or contact me, I will guide you.

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