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Travel gear, Clothes & Riding Gears:

Your travel gear are the ones that will play a vital role in keeping you safe & in top shape to tackle the harsh weather. I researched a lot about this part before my trip to Leh.

The essential riding gear/ travel gear required are as follows:

1) Protective helmet: Full Face Visor are in best option,Here are some good Helmet you can buy

2) Riding Jacket:

3) Riding/Trekking Boots: Orazo IBIS-Velcro(VWR) – I had to really research hard for finding the correct boots. I was originally thinking of travelling with 2 pairs of boots, One was a royal enfield riding boot & a woodland boot for trekking. However, on researching online & talking to a few bullet clubs, I was recommended to go for Orazo boots as it gives adequate protection and comfort for riding & trekking.

4) Riding gloves:

Other travel gear include:

5) Balaclava

6) Rain covers for bags

Other essential wearables: