Travel gear-Must have travel items

Travel gear, Clothes & Riding Gears:

Your travel gear are the ones that will play a vital role in keeping you safe & in top shape to tackle the harsh weather. I researched a lot about this part before my trip to Leh.

The essential riding gear/ travel gear required are as follows:

1) Protective helmet: Full Face Visor are in best option,Here are some good Helmet you can buy

2) Riding Jacket:

3) Riding/Trekking Boots: Orazo IBIS-Velcro(VWR) – I had to really research hard for finding the correct boots. I was originally thinking of travelling with 2 pairs of boots, One was a royal enfield riding boot & a woodland boot for trekking. However, on researching online & talking to a few bullet clubs, I was recommended to go for Orazo boots as it gives adequate protection and comfort for riding & trekking.

4) Riding gloves:

Other travel gear include:

5) Balaclava

6) Rain covers for bags

Other essential wearables:

1) Good quality winter jacket

2) Good quality winter gloves

3) Inner thermals

4) Good quality rain coats


There are 2 routes to reach Leh,

1) Via Manali along Mali-Leh Highway passing Keylong, Jispa, Sarchu

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2) Via Srinagar along Srinagar-Leh Highway passing Zoji la, Kargil


Acclimatization is a very important aspect while traveling to Leh as weather conditions, oxygen levels have a huge impact to your biological functions as you rise in altitude. If you do not not acclimatize your body, you could face acute mountain syndrome which might lead to headaches, nausea, nose bleeds & general irritability.

The route via Manali is shorter for people travelling from most parts of India but it much steeper than the route via Srinagar. Hence, acclimatization is tougher via Manali-leh route.

Since, I have used the Manali-Leh route. I will be giving more information on it.

For people who might have a weak biological constitution, it is advised to break your road trip from Manali to Leh into 3 days.

First day: Manali to Keylong or Darcha

Second day: Keylong/Darcha to Sarchu

Third day: when you are sufficiently acclimatized, you can travel all the way to Leh.

If you have a relatively strong constitution, you could reach Leh in two days.

First day: Manali to Sarchu

Second day: Sarchu to Leh


Along with a good travel gear you need money as per your plan .ATM’s are available in Manali and Leh. It would be best to take out money at Manali for your trip from Manali to Leh. From Leh if you would travel to places like Nubra Valley, Changthang or Pangong Tso and Zanskar, it would be best to take out money from Leh as ATM facilities are not available in these places.

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It would be best to pre-book accommodation along your way. Using online travel websites is the most convenient method. The price range for accommodation usually varies between ₹1000 – ₹3000 per night for twin/triple sharing.

Toilet Kit & Medical Kit

Apart from usual toiletries like soap, toothpaste etc, please carry :

1) Moisturisers, as the climate is dry

2) Sun protective lotions

A well rounded first aid/medical kit is also a must.

1) For acute mountain sickness (AMS): Diamox

2) For fever : Crocin

3) For motion sickness: Avomine

4) For headache : disprin

5) Crape bandage

Apart from these you should carry medicine you might need during the trip.

Documentation needed

1) Driving license,

2) RC & insurance of bike

3) Aadhar Card

To visit certain places around Ladakh you need inner line permits

Now Let’s divide the stuff in categories:

  1. Driving: Helmets, sunglasses, extra can of petrol(very important), A map.( Gps is preferred but since you are going to ladakh you can expect that your electronic gps will stop working when you’ll need it the most. So always carry a hard copy of the map! Very handy.), get rain repellent wind Shields on your bike, tool box(gather knowledge about your bike/car and ask mechanics how to fix general issues).
  2. Comfort: Sleeping bags(just in case you need them), sunglasses,  sunscreen(SPF 50 preferred!), Body wipes, First aid box(Including general medicines for flew and other altitude related sickness), pillows(inflatables are good).
  3. No life without food: water bottles(Must), canned food(High in protein and carbs rather than Fat), protein bars, Tea bags, coffee, fruits and some liquor. (don’t drink and drive though), Avoid smoking! (oxygen density is pretty low why put more pressure on your lungs ?)
  4. Entertainment to banta hai Boss: Ipods and earphones,  Bluetooth speakers, games(Ludo, chess, Uno etc. Don’t rely on electronics only).
  5. Safety bhi zaroori hai: Stay in touch with your family and friends. Give them all the details of your trip regarding your whereabouts, your future plans etc.
  6. Capture the moment: Don’t forget the DSLR and Go Pro if you want to capture it amazingly well! It’s worth it! Also binoculars can be handy. 
  7. Extras: duct tape, scissors, emergency lights, Water jug, Multi tool, Flare alternative( Man vs Wild :P).
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Good luck and don’t let the Adrenaline rush affect your senses while you drive 🙂 And if you are ready then spiti is calling you:P Check out this Article to for Spiti valley travel.

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