Tough but Happy Life

Let’s have a walk into the life of Himachal Pradesh

“We are living in a tiny, single room house mainly taken up by cattle. We all along with our cattle live in this room. This is the only room we have, this room is our drawing room, dinning hall and kitchen as well. We spend most of our time sitting round a fire with no ventilation.
Most of us spend their childhood working at home, they don’t even get to see schools. But we are some of the lucky children.fortunately we go to our local primary school which is nearby our house. We never miss our classes and complete our homework at time. We like studying a lot.
We’ll study hard and one day our parents will not have to work in other’s fields anymore. We’ll buy them a piece of land where they can grow their own crops and then we all will live a happy prosperous life. —————————————-
Children living in Himalayas have very tough life. Due to lack of opportunities their life choices are limited which results in very short childhood which indeed is full of struggle.
Day of these children starts with the very first ray of sunlight, and finishes when it gets dark.These children usually do family’s housework and also look after family’s animals, girls are responsible for taking care of younger siblings and for cooking too.
Very few of these can make it to the school and those children who are lucky enough to go to school often leave early. Very few children complete primary school.
Despite the tough lives Himalayan children face, there is a very rare chance that you’ll see them unhappy.


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