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A must try… The heritage taste of Shimla!/places to visit in shimla

Located in Lower Bazaar, Nathuram Lachman

Dass is one of the iconic food joints in Shimla. Since childhood, I have been to this place countless times, do you know why?
Because, it was next door to my Grandfather’s shop. I have practically grown up eating their signature dish Doodh – Jalebi. When I was in school, every time I visited our shop, I was
greeted by this dish as it is considered a healthy breakfast. After all, on a cold Shimla morning, who can say no to fresh jalebis, immersed in boiling hot milk, which truly warm the cockles of your heart
Apart from their signature dish, this shop is famous for poori sabzi, chhole poori, samosa and lassi poori. But, for me doodh-jalebi will always remain my first love. Even today, I am greeted the same way whenever I visit Shimla and it is always
one of the highlights of my trip.

Now, the owner of the shop is no more but his sons are carrying his legacy forward. So, next time when you visit my home city, do pay a visit to
Nathuram Lachman Dass to try their doodh-jalebi and other sweets and namkeens and do let me know your views. This is one of the best places to visit in shimla
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