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I am back to Hyderabad from Spiti valley two days back. Though physically I am longer there, my thoughts are still lingering somewhere over the mountain tops, monasteries, narrow road lanes and countless fresh water springs. The moment I close my eyes, those images were springing back to life in my head and I am in no way complaining about it. Nobody can.

For those of you who might not know about the place, Spiti Valley is a remote cold desert valley at an altitude of around 12,500 feet, located in Himachal Pradesh state, India. The name Spiti means “the middle land” and it is the land between Tibet and India. It is a beautiful valley surrounded on all sides by Himalayan mountains, connected by fresh water streams flowing throughout the day from the mountains, interspersed by quaint villages, enriched by multiple monasteries and monks and fortified by simple, helpful and friendly people. People in Spiti follow Buddhism and they speak local Spiti language along with Hindi and English.

So, for you, to get a feel of what Spiti valley is like, here are a few postcards from The Heavenly place. I hope you like them, because those places are visual treats for any person who loves staying close with nature.

Scroll down and savour the feast.

spiti valley weather:

spiti valley weather

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