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Prashar Lake Trek :Credit:Travelwithvarun

Once a while, each one of us while googling around places to visit, come across pictures of a location that transfixes your mind, stupifies you …. TRY GOOGLEing PRASHAR LAKE …. You to will !!

Prashar Lake Trek is amalgam of Scenic Beauty and Traditional Himanchal Traditions, An abode of Rishi Prashar, an offbeat destination still visited by handful of tourists everyday…. Making it a must go for those who love solitude.

Mythology says that this lake was formed by Pandawas when they were on their way after Mahabharata with Deity Kamrunag (based on which this entire valley is known as Kamru Valley today) to find best place for their teacher, Dev Kamrunag and Deity love the isolation of this place so much that he decided to stay here for the rest of his life. On his request, Bheem one of the Pandava brothers formed the lake by pushing his elbow and forearm on the peak of the mountain. And that is the reason believed by locals after oval-shaped lake with depth unknown.

(FROM SELF) Besides what wiki says, The local pandit told that the temple itself is from eternity (”AADI KAAL”), and h as been renovated many a times by King of Mandi and now the Mnadir Committe itself. He said that the Lake is a living example that earth is 1/3 Land and 2/3 Water ( Their is a floating piece island within the lake). The island shape can be seen floating around in the lake, when one stays for a day or two in a windy day, as per the Pandit its conical in shape, The priest also told us that the water level doesnt rises nor falls and remains clean naturally throught the year.

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Prashar Lake Trek

The Morning Glory


  • ALTITUDE : 2730M ASL
  • WEATHER : SNOW in winter ( Jan/ Feb / Mid March)
    HOT during Day in Summmers / Cold at night FLUCTUATION (5/25 Dg)
  • LOCATION : Mandi / Himanchal Pradesh

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Temple at Night


  • VIA BUS : Reach Mandi well before 8 AM, their is single bus from Mandi Bus Stand that takes you diresctly to Prashar Lake Trek via Baggi, The Journey is 3 hours long, Keep in mind the same bus returns back at 1 :00 PM just in case you want to make way down the next day. CHARGE PER PERSON IS : ~50Rs/-.
  • VIA SHARED TAXI : Shared taxi at 600 Per person carries you all the way to Temple… Take if and only if you didnt get the bus.
  • VIA TREK : Trekking starts from Baggi, So one has to reach Baggi first and then start the ascent. The Trail is green and trek is relativly easy given that one doesnt looses the track of the Trail.


Jeevans’ Mom


  • FOREST BUNGLOW : Their are few forest Bunglows that you can opt for stay, they charge you 300/- Bucks for a night, but its a Kilometer away from the Lake.
  • PRIVATE TENTS : You can rent a tent for a night, but the tents are only allowed outside the fence of mandir premises.
  • TEMPLE STAY : This is the best place to stay in my opinion, one just have to pay 50Rs/- for the Matress and Cots/ (Say you are lucky enough you can get food as well). We were very thankful to Jeevan Bhaiya who is Care taker of the mandir, He is very simple guy, a wonderful host and made us feel like home. ( You can give him my refernce and he will help you at his best).


Quick facts:Prashar Lake Trek Guide
– Take a bus to Manali from Delhi, and get off at Mandi. Thereafter take a local bus to Baggi from where the trek starts
– The locals at the summit are extremely helpful ? and you will be served only vegetarian food
– The trek goes through various terrains- riverside, forest, farms and open land
– If you are lucky, you can view snow at the lake. We missed the snow by a week on each side!

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