Places To Visit in Ladakh | Your No.1 Free travel Guide

Places To Visit in Ladakh | Your No.1 Free travel Guide

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Before solo tripping, my brain flashes with the very first thought- Can I afford so many places in my budget?? Touristy places are known to be pricey for obvious reasons. Before the trip, it’s vital to plan the places you would like to cover and calculate the distance.

How do I escape to Ladakh

From Delhi, to cut down the time- Flight – 1.5 hours yesss you have reached !

By Road, there are two ways via Srinagar or Manali. Both the places are mesmerizing, would take two extra days but one would be acclimatized .

Places To Visit in Ladakh

Places To Visit in Ladakh

Among all the suggestions , I picked to venture the west Ladakh. The places I picked to visit :
Nubra Valley  The picturesque mountains and white dessert with 2 humped camels greeting you, this place should be in your list.

Places To Visit in Ladakh

How to get here – From Leh, if budget is an issue, local buses start from Leh at 5am and stop at Diksit. You reach around 5 pm and then followed by local cabs to reach Hunder isn’t much hassle.

Where to accommodate – Hunder precisely is the camping area with walkable distance to the Sand dunes . I would advice stay in Hunder as it is cheaper in Camps .

Getting Around – If you are interested in Bactrian camel ride, then the charges would be Rs 250 for 15 minutes ride and Rs 400 for 30 minutes.

Places To Visit in Ladakh

Places To Visit in Ladakh

Turtuk Village – Nestled in between the mountains, this is the last village in India. Apart from its heritage importance, this place is much peaceful place. Not to forget, this place is packed in the day time.

How to get here – Around 4 hours from Hunder, I traveled in the early morning by car. One can always choose to take the bus from Diksit that arrives around 4 pm in the evening.

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Where to accommodate – For overnight stay, there are multiple options of homestays such as Himalayan guest house, Buckwheat homestay

Getting Around – I would suggest only to enjoy your breakfast and lunch in Friends Cafe . Walk through the lanes and enjoy the local kids playing around and picking up apricots.

Places To Visit in Ladakh


Pangong Tso – It’s a High grassland lake, extending its blue from India to China. The crystal blue lake is mesmerizing and you ll photograph this in our mind forever.

How to get here – There are two routes, the rocky road to Pangong from Hunder takes 5 hours via Shyok but I would recommend this route only if you are a morning person. Its risky if you leave after 6am , expect a landslide when sun is on top and your plans will go for a toss. The other route would be a bit longer, it’s from Leh to Karu ,army base camp to Chang la to Pangong Tso which would take 12 hours straight.

Where to accommodate – One won’t be deprived of camps and homestays in budget such as Royal Camp, Wonderland Camp.

Getting Around – If the Lake is not enough to mesmerize you, then wait for the lights to turn off at 10 pm and gaze at the milky way and play with your imagination.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Tsomoriri – Farther higher, nesting in the Changthang plateau , the village Korzok and the lake encircling this place. Be it the different shades of blue or the peaceful village, the essence of this place is something you will cherish every time you open your photo book.

How to get here – It’s a beautiful drive from Leh via Karu to Chumathang , the beautiful hot spring lake ) to Kiari to Thiksey to Likche. This will be a ride to be lost forver.. Whats so captivating , every village you pass by the colours of mountains change so does the landscape. The beautiful purple hills in Kiari to Yellow tint glowing in Thiksey to the graveled mountains .. this would be the best 8 hours ride from Leh and apart from cab you won’t have much choices.

Where to accommodate – Near to the lake there will be camps which might not be in budget , one can always choose to stay in home stays next to the monastery. My advice would be carry your own Sleeping bag if you are unlucky (Like ME !! ofcourse) else expect to return back with Scabies .

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Getting Around – Hiking precisely or the walk through the lanes of Korzok village be something interesting.
Other Places you will drop by on the route or probably if you extend your trip a bit more


Chumar – The border of India – China, located at 4 hours drive from Tso Moiri and Places To Visit in Ladakh, this place will drive you to the most active LAC, so expect to hear missiles , well i heard from the tsomoriri lake. Sounds fascinating and totally enthralling.


Chumathang – On the way to Tso Moriri, you would not mind halting here for Places To Visit in Ladakh to have your cup of tea beside the long lake of Hot Springs.


Hanle Observatory – Farther from Tsomoriri, Hanley observatory is quiet a place to reach at night and have a Milky way Shoot next to the observatory. Homestays won’t be difficult in the Hanley Village .
Varila Pass- A beautiful landscape ride from Nubra valley to Places To Visit in Ladakh, located 17000 feet above… I came across this place while my car had to take a turn from Shyok after being stuck in the landslide.


How Long do I need to Stay

I say minimum of 8 days trip to 10 days trip would be perfect for one side of Ladakh or Places To Visit in Ladakh. Eastern ladakh , Stok , Rumbak on the other side is much beautiful and less explored, one can travel if 15 days is permitted from daily work chores.


Pic by Gaurav from Indian Army

Lets Share the Bill for Places To Visit in Ladakh

I can advise to make friends in Zostel and if going solo and share your travel plans to share the cab fare. Cab from Leh to Nubra and Turtuk would be Rs 2250 while bus would cut the cost to one fourth.

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If planning to Tso Moriri , Chumar, Hanle which would be so worth it, expect to spend Rs 7000 in cab. Precisely one is to spend Rs 30,000 in cab ( for Leh – Nubra- Turtuk – Pangong- Chumathang – Tsomoriri – Hanley) , which was shared between 3 people in my case, turned out to be Rs 10,000.

Where to Stay

Leh – Zostel , charging Rs 400

Nubra and Pangong – Royal Camp, much affordable // Rs 800 per person in camp

Mr. Tsering / /Contact no – 9419834234

Tsomoriri – Homestay //Rs 600

TurTuk – Himalayan Homestay // Rs 600

Cab- Can be arranged by Royal Camp . Other option Contact // Jimmy – 9419533268 , 9622391545 for affordable cabs.

Lastly, My Suggestions :

  • Have BSNL sim else wise contacting people would be much difficult.
  • Booking flight 2 days prior might be dirt cheap as Rs 2500 , use Skyscanner app.
  • Always take one day rest in Leh else your plan might be ruined if you over exhaust yourself.
  • Buying one pet of water from Leh for the entire travel is more advisable than paying Rs 50 for 15L water.
  • Carrying basic food items , I sound like foodie but then nutrition and hydration would be much needed .
  • Carry Tab. Diamox if nausea or mountain sickness is your thing and have it through out the trip as it is suppose to be prophylactic.

If you have traveled to Ladakh , do comment below the lovely places imprinted in your memory

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