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Have you heard about Parvati valley? Yeah, must have heard. There is lot of buzz in the market about it and this might be in your travel bucket list too. So there to help you, with my travel experience, I bring you the most exhaustive list of questions, questions which may pop-up in your mind when you travel the first time to Parvati Valley. I’m writing with this confidence that it will help you to have an organised & sorted out trip. Perfect for backpackers, just read this, have answers to all the questions and pack the bag !!

Q.Where is Parvati Valley?

A. Kullu, Himachal Paradesh.

Q. Base City for Parvati Valley? 

A. Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh

Q. Distance from Delhi to Bhuntar? 

A. 490 Kilo Metres.

Q. What are the travel Modes Available?   

A. You can travel to Bhuntar by Road, Air and Train (Limited). There are direct buses from Delhi to Bhuntar and Chandigarh to Bhuntar. You can book the same from HPTDC.

Bhuntar has Airport but with limited flying options. Just check the dates and availability, before booking. The rates are on much higher side as this is not commercialised airport. Strongly not recommended until you are being sponsored.

Trains run up to Kalka and Chandigarh. From there, you again have to travel by the road. Distance from Chandigarh to Bhuntar is 260 Kms. Again, buses can be booked from HPTDC.

I would suggest travelling on bike, if you are a rider and confident enough. I always try to travel on bike. It gives us the leverage of travelling on our own terms.

Q. From where I can get bike?       

A. I would suggest getting it from Delhi. It has the reasonable distance. You will enjoy riding on this route and distance is only 500 Kms. from Delhi.

Q. Chandigarh is 260 kms. & Delhi is 500 From Bhuntar. Why should I not hire bike from Chandigarh Instead Delhi, drive 240 Kms. less and save a day?   

A. Yes, you can do that. But the rates are higher in Chandigarh, almost double to Delhi Prices. E.g. when I enquired, I was offered 1300 Rs./day for Classic 350 in Chandigarh whereas I got classic 500 from Delhi at 900 Rs./day. If you are on 10 days trip from Delhi that would be of 9 days from Chandigarh and respectively rent for your trip would be 9000 Rs. and 13000 Rs.

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I just saved your 4000 Rs.

Q. Wow, you got the bike on very cheap rate. Where did you get it from?       

A. Connaught place in Delhi, is famous for bike rentals. I got it from Rahul Motors, they offer quality bikes. The person in charge, Rahul Trehan, is very friendly and helpful guy. They have online presence as Ikerz. You’ll get bike serviced, carrier fitted and in smooth condition with lot of the options to choose from. Please comment if you need his contact number incase you are unable to book or contact them. It is advisable to book bike in well advance to avoid any last minute hustle.

Q. Ok. That was about bike, what about petrol. Do I need to carry petrol in cane? 

A. Not ex actly. Till Bhuntar and further till Kasol, there are enough petrol pumps. But if you are travelling further to Manali towards Spiti valley, in that case, yes you have to carry.

Q. Do you advise covering the 500 Km. from Delhi to Bhuntar in single day?   

A. I would surely, if you are a rider and have physical strength in place, also if you start early around 5 am from Delhi. Main route consists of straight highway, which shouldn’t be a problem. However the last 163 kms. from Swarghat to Bhuntar is a hilly ride with unexpected twists and turns. So this takes its own time.

Q. Where to take night halt if not covering in single day?   

A. Swarghat and Ambala are the two options. However Swarghat is preferable than Ambala. In Ambala, people restrict themselves giving rooms to Couples. Hence, Swarghat is the best option. HPTDC resort is a treat to stay at budget rate.

Chandigarh is also an option, but for that you have to get into the city and that would be 50-70 Kms detour. Hence not recommended.

Q. How much night halt will cost? 

A. Swarghat – HP Tourism Hotel – It ranges from INR 1200 to 2700 per night during season. Food as per the requirements.

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Tariff Chart.

Ambala and Chandigarh – Lot of hotels available ranging from 1000 Rs. to 30000 to choose from, as per your budget. I stayed at Amrapali Resort in Ambala. I paid 1500 Rs for a night for a couple. The resort was value for money and the best thing is, it is on highway. So, the next morning, you just have to start the bike and head on.

Q. Ok. What after Bhuntar?   

A. Kasol is the Base Town from where majority of all trekking sites and small villages are accessible.

Q. How far Kasol is from Bhuntar?     

A. Only 35 Kms. But it will take more than an hours’ time to reach, thanks to hilly roads.

Q. What are the places around Kasol village? 

A. Kasol, Tosh, Chalal, Rasol, Malana, Manikaran, Pulga, Kheerganga, Man Talai Trekk, Pin Parvati pass Trekk.

Q. How to reach these places?     

A. Below is the complete guide to these places from Kasol:

SourceTo ChhalalTo ManikaranTo ToshTo MalanaTo Rasol
 From Kasol2 Km5 Km20 Km21 Km13 KM
Travel ModeTrekkWalk & trekkCar/bike and trekCar/bike and trekTrek only from Kasol



To PulgaTo KheergangaTo Mantalai TrekTo Pin Parvati Pass Trek
From Kasol16.7 Km22.2 Km62 Km70 Km
Travel ModeCar/bike and trekTrek from Bershain/pulgaTrek from Bershain/pulgaTrek from Bershain/pulga
AccommodationAvailableAvailableCarry your ownCarry your own
FoodAvailableAvailableCarry your ownCarry your own
Q. That’s good! Where to stay at Kasol?

A. You will find a lot of options in Kasol to fit your all the needs from budget to luxury travel to camping experience.

I have written about my stay in Kasol in this post. More photos are here:

Q. What is the best time to visit these places?   

A. Safety per se, March to June and August to December half, otherwise throughout the year. Winter is the best, if you are adventurous and want to experience snowfall and white Himachal.

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Q. Can I trek solo to Kheerganga?   

A. Yes obviously you can. But not advisable in winter months.

Q. Ok now, Man Talai, How many days I need for Man Talai Trekk? 

A. Bershaini is the starting point for Man Talai Trek. From Bershaini you need at least 7-8 days to trek and reach Man Talai considering the acclimatization at 4 points in between. You can descend back in three days.

Q. What are the places in between to Man Talai.   

A. Kheerganga, Tunda Bhuj, Pandu Pul, Odi Thach.

Q. Can I trek solo to Man Talai?   

A. Not advisable at all. Only if you are certified mountaineer and back up plans are in place. There have been many domestic and foreign trekkers, who went for trek alone just to never return. Guides at reasonable rates are available, if you enquire locally. Dont take unnecessary risk.

Q. What is the Altitude of Man Talai?   

A. 4100 Metres.

Q. Ok, I understand I need  to carry tent and other necessary things. But from where I can rent it?

A. You can get it from Rahul Sharma (+91-8988265439). Range starts from INR 300 till INR 500. You can ask him for utensils also.

Keep the First aid kit and necessary medicines, as per your need, handy.

Q. How is the experience going to be?

A. What you not seek is the experience, what you seek is the desire. Don’t desire, just go and have experience.

This brings us at the end of the list. I have tried to make it as exhaustive as possible and include as much questions as possible. Still if you have any query left, please do comment. Also let me know if you have the same questions for any place in comments sections and I’ll try coming up with the same thing.

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Until then, adios!!

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