Situated about 21 km from Rohru, well connected by road facility, a small village known by the name CHHUPARI. A place having beauty of it’s own kind, a multi-faceted diamond, changing its hues with the seasons, always extravagantly beautiful. Himalayan ranges surrounding the landscape. The whole village forested with orchards and decorated by craggy hills and Temples. The Temple of GUDARU JI MAHARAJ and LANKRA VEER JI (regional deity) positioned in the middle and the houses surrounding it, giving an alluring appearance to the village. The temple, which is one of the rarest live example of perfect and harmonious blend of stone and wooden structure to form one composite grand edifice. Whole wooden structure covered with high pitched slated pent roofs and surmounted by a conical canopy over it,on which a graceful gold tapered kalash pinnacle stands.the dangling wooden bells ornamented on the roof ends sways with the slightest movement of breeze. The houses too are combination of both new and old form of architecture.
Set like a jeweled crown on the village is a temple devoted to MAA KALI ( THAMTI). Hill top, Isolated from this ravenous world. Where you can feel it as a cosmic orgasm. You are in a vibrational high level, specially during sun dawn and dusk.

And they say
“God made you and He will carry you”

Gudaru Devta Temple is located at village Chhupari. The temple is dedicated to Gudaru Devta and Devta Lankda Veer Ji. Lord Gudaru is the chief deity of this area and is worshiped in Gudaru Devta Temple by the people of Chhupari and nearby villages. This temple of Gudaru Devta ji was reconstructed in 2007.
Gudaru Devta Temple is situated in the middle of Chhupari village, about 21 km from Rohru. Chhupari is last village situated just below the hills of Bollon.
Devta Gudaru Ji Temple at Chhupari is one of the rarest examples of perfect and harmonious blend of stone and wooden structure to form one composite grand edifice. The whole wooden structure is covered with a high pitched slated pent roof surmounted by a conical canopy over it on which a gracefully tapered kalash pinnacle stands. The roof ends and the projection of balcony are ornamented with danging wooden bells which sway with the slightest movement of breeze.
The temple is surrounded by the houses of residing villagers. And the view from the village is breathe taking.
Floating clouds, air, mountains, trees, people , everything tempting you to fall in love with this place. Such is the beauty of my place ❤️


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