-2 degree celcius at the Base camp of Kanamo peak; lying in my tent I was hungry. We have enough food but I was bit lazy after the whole day trek to go upto kitchen.
Soon my mind wandered and the starlit night sky caught my attention. The Milky Way was clearly visible right above our kitchen tent just like those dim dining room lights. While waiting for the dinner call in my tent I couldn’t resist clicking a picture and it turned out to be surreal.
I wonder, how amazing would it be to have a kitchen with a roof full of stars? This post is for every person out there who loves their kitchen, especially the women. A big shout out to all the Mom’s out there…how would you like a kitchen with such an amazing view?
Kanamo Peak Trek | Spiti
Himachal Pradesh
Photo and Story By- @musafir_dil_harshi (Harshit Doshi)

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