Meet Shiwani Thakur | Himachal Culture Promoter

Shiwani Thakur is a popular TikTok star, model, actor, and social media influencer. She is well known for making Himachali culture videos on TikTok.Check this page to read Her interview with RTH team

Meet Shiwani Thakur | Himachal Culture Promoter

Tell us about yourself

Hey everyone!
Thanks alot for giving me this opportunity.
I am Shiwani Thakur born and brought up in Shimla but my native place is Karsog, Mandi. I belong to a middle class nuclear family of just 4members. I have done my schooling from Shimla. Since childhood I had an aim to become a doctor without even knowing the amount of hardwork it requires. I pursued nursing instead from a college in Solan and I am a registered nurse now, presently working as a nursing tutor in a nursing college in Shimla.
I also have a passion towards dancing and I am a bit known in Himachal Pradesh for my Himachali Dance as I started making videos on Himachali dance and started sharing them on social networking sites and now also sharing some Himachali vines. Basically I believe that we should take forward our own culture as well instead of just blindly following the western trend.
Shivani Thakur

Tell us about your Childhood? Share some photos if you can?

 My childhood is something that I have not talked much about. I was a very dark skinned child and yes an innocent one too.I was too short in height and I still remember when I was in nursery I used to find climbing stairs very difficult and my teachers used to help me out in that. My father used to carry me on his shoulders to school as I was a tiny one.  I do not have good pictures of my childhood because it wasn’t that trending those days. The ones I have will end me up in trouble. So I was a topper only till 6th after that I became an average child. I remember I used to dance on each and every occasion because I loved it since childhood. There are many more but this much would be fine.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to serve mankind as well as work to uplift culture of Himachal Pradesh and take it to heights so that the entire world recognises it. I will continue with my nursing profession as well as keep on working as a Himachali Culture Promoter also I am planning to provide a platform for the people who do not get one to showcase their talent.

You are cute. Do you like being called cute? How do you react to these compliments?
Thank you for the Compliment ? Yes I love being called cute.? People call me panda, the cutest shy animal on earth according to me. Whenever I come across compliments I actually get a bit confused about how to react like should I blush or should I just stay normal but I end up expressing it with full excitement. I believe you should never let the child inside you die and children are cute so I love being called cute?
Any message you would like to share with our audience who loved your posts and video creation?
The message that I have for people is that first of all start loving yourself only then people will love you. Take suggestions from people but do what your heart says. A message for the youth of Himachal Pradesh is stop feeling shy to represent your culture in any part of the world. Western culture and our traditional culture can together be taken long way. Follow
westernisation but don’t end up forgetting our Himachali culture. Also to all my viewers and supporters I would like to say a big thanks to all of you for making me visible to people.
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