Mandi Tourist Place , The Land Of Gods

Mandi Tourist Place , The Land Of Gods


Mandi Tourist Place

View of Panchvaktar Temple from Purani Mandi- Shot by Veeru Verma

Before going too far I decided to start with the roots of mine. I started this journey with my place. This is where I belong. This is the place where I find greatest wonders wrapped up inside the smallest things. So much known to the world, yet so unknown. This is where I find peace and magic. This place blesses my soul. Welcome to Himachal, The land still unknown.

Over 1.32 crore tourists visit here to see the beauty of this place to get away from the offices, and to breathe fresh. But I am going to take you with me to the inner world. Let’s uncover Himachal . This journey is going to be divine. If you haven’t experienced it, You don’t know about it.

Mandi | Mandi Tourist Place

Welcome to my hometown. A small city situated on the lower range of Shivalik hills on the bank of river Beas. The town is like a bowl surrounded with small and big hills all around it. It is spread around either banks of river Beas. In historic days the place used to be an important trade center in the old Hindustan –Tibet Trade route. This is where the name Mandi is derived. Mandi is called choti kashi . It has about 80 historical temples situated on the both banks of river Beas. The foundation of new town of Mandi was laid by Raja Ajwar Sen with the establishment of temple of “Baba Bhoot Nath” built in 1526 A.D. (I will covering this temple soon.) You can see forts, rajmahals and stone cut temples with structures having supreme power that used to be one of the best, among the piece of art and architecture of that time. The early town was Mandi before Raja Ajwar sen was purani Mandi and now both the areas are separated by river beas and connected by a historic bridge that is “The Victoria Bridge”.Mandi Tourist Place

Temples of Mandi

The temples of Pagoda style, shikhar style and dome style can be found here. The Pagoda style is mainly found in remote forests areas of the “Mandi States”. The structures are mainly constructed in wood. Shikhar and dome style temples are stone structures .Sometimes, bricks and lime mortar is also used in these temples. The particular feature which distinguishes them from the temples of adjoining state is the trefoil arch which decorates the façade or porch. It resides on the capital of the pillars and pilasters supporting the arch. You can see the brackets shaped as human figures seated on head of elephant and holding a trunk in their hands. The corners are sometimes decorated with the figures of celestial musician or Gandharvas and whole combinations produce a very pleasing affect.

Mandi Tourist Place

Prashar Lake – Shot by Mayank Sharma

The Shikhar Style (Rock cut) temples

As I have promised, I am going to tell you about the Bhootnath temple. It is a shiv temple, now restored. It is made up entirely of stone. You can see many sadhus inside the temple which actually make is feel like some kind of venerated place. The small temple has actually a bit larger complex which serve as residence to the sadhus. As you enter the atrium you can feel the naturally polished stone under your feet. There is a bull idol just in front greeting you. When you enter the inside, the ambience turns darker and even more sacred. You can see the dome scooped out from ceiling. On the right side there are big dhols used for special occasions. And in front of you is the shivling.

The next temple I will be talking about is the Panchvaktra temple. Every time I come to my hometown , mostly in bus during the night, the first thing I see with my sleepy eyes is the mesmerizing site if this beautiful temple shining along with the lights of victoria bridge. It is emerged in river Beas and it feels as if it is trying to grow up from the bottom of the river. You can see its shadow in the river. Entirely stone cut, standing alone on the platform this is the best meditation place .Just sit on the platform and see the entire river and whole view of Purani Mandi. Every time when I go there my heart fills with nostalgia. This is the place from where we used to find the houses of our friends and relatives on the front hill as kids .If you go to the inside of temple, You will see a different surrounding dark and deep in contrast with the outer part of temple. There is a similar temple in front of it i.e The Trilokinath temple. This temple is simmliar to Panchvaktar Temple but on the opposite side. That is, the Purani Mandi.

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The Pagoda style temples

One of the most beautiful temple is The Temple of Rishi Parasher. You can see similar style in Hidimba temple of Manali. But currently, I will be talking about this temple only. Parasher is a place at a height of 2730m. Going to such a height itself brings so much soulfulness in you. You can reach there by a car if you have good experience in driving on hilly areas because the road is in fact quite dangerous. As you go to the top, you will start to feel the chills in your body. After walking for a few meters like a kilometer or so, you will suddenly find yourself standing against the chilled breeze, on the top of a hill, facing towards a valley with the Parasher lake and the temple in front of you.Mandi Tourist Place

The history of this place itself speaks a story. It is believed that sage Parasher meditated on the banks of this lake. The lake was created by Bhima, one of the Pandavas’ brothers. There is a small chunk of land floating on the river that changes its position throughout the year. Till now, no one has been able to find the depth of Parasher lake, no one either knows how the land inside floats.These are some good Mandi Tourist Place

One more temple which speaks about the history of the small town is Tarna Mata temple also known as Shyama kali temple. This temple was constructed in 17th century. This temple however, is not in its original form, but the interior is still historic and brilliantly engraved with gold and silver. The temple has 3 faced statue of goddess kali and Mahishasuramardini. To reach the temple, you can either reach by car or by climbing 305 steps. It is believed that in these steps the heads of the sinners of ancient time are buried. The temple has a large complex having a park and children park. Also, a small café is there .It is indeed a good place to hangout.

Mandi Tourist Place

Kamrunag Temple – Shot by Mayank Sharma

The Kamrunag trek

If you are willing to do something which will completely open up your senses, this track is a wonderful experience. It is so exiting to share my experience with you. The trek leads to the historical temple of Devta Kamrunag. This is a wooden temple with a lake in front. It is believed that this lake has treasure in its bottom worth millions. However this seems true because people have offered coins in this lake. No one has ever dared to look for the treasure in the holy lake. Mandi Tourist Place

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The trek starts from Rohanda, 60 kms away from Mandi | Mandi Tourist Place .The trek is almost 10 kms. However, now a rough road is constructed suitable only for drivers having very good experience of driving in hilly areas and rocky slopes. As you start the journey, you will go through dense forests comparatively less dense in the starting and go thicker as you go up. The most beautiful places can be seen if you go upwards the hill. You will see a view of wide valley and mountains in front full of dense forests. That view chills out the senses in you. You feel so tiny yet so fulfilled. When you see the stone paved path, that means you are about to reach the temple. The fog becomes murky, the air becomes chill. When you reach at the top you will see a temple, old, rustic and looks like an old man from the past.Mandi Tourist Place

My words speak less than your own eyes. So If you want to spend a little time for in my city, you are most welcome.

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