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Kasauli Attractions

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Kasauli, a small hill town and cantonment in Himachal Pradesh, situated at 5900 ft. Home to gabled colonial era houses, orchards, green roofed Christ Church, Kasauli can be your best bet for a quick escape from the city life. Nestled amidst beautiful woody forests of pine and cedar trees, Kasauli provides the ideal environment to soothe your nerves.

After approximately 7 hours of drive, we ultimately reached our hotel Kasauli Hills Resort. Located amidst pine forest with magnificent valley views, this hotel is the perfect place to spend some quality time. One would fall in love with this peaceful place equipped with all modern day amenities. We have booked super deluxe tree house cottage with a valley view. Leaving behind Delhi’s polluted air, this place gives our lung the much needed fresh air that it was so longing for. Since we checked in at around 4 in the evening, we had decided to stay back at the hotel and explore the hotel spreading across the slopes of the hill.

On day 2, after a lazy morning we started from our hotel at around 11 and headed straight to the mall road. Being a small town, Kasauli doesn’t have many places to visit and one day is quite sufficient to roam around. So, first we reach mall road. There you need to pay for car parking at the entry of mall road and after parking your car, you can easily walk around the mall road. There you can take a stroll to the local market with few handful shops and few eating joints. One such eating joint we found there was Rudra Cafe. A small cafe with few seating arrangements, clean atmosphere was serving delicious foods. The background music was also adding up to the environment. 

After having our short lunch break we headed towards the Christ Church. This green roofed church build in mid 19th century, is one of the attractions in Kasauli. Moving forward we drove away towards Gilbert Trail. It’s a small nature walk along the trail of the hill. It leads you towards a view point from where you can see the whole valley.

Onto return, we stopped by the sunset point giving Manki point a miss. But we didn’t stay there till the sun sets since we need to drive back to our hotel which was 30 mins from the mall road. On our way back, we stopped by a small eatery and had the customary hot soupy Maggie.

We checked out the next day and headed towards our city, Delhi. Though we returned the next day, those 2 days we spent in Kasauli was so rejuvenating that we would definitely go back to her again. The lush green, the flora and fauna, the peaceful environment, the soothing aroma of pine makes Kasauli a beautiful getaway. So, if you are yet to discover Kasauli, do yourself a favour and explore this beautiful town.

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