Exclusive Interview with the Face Behind Pahadi Badka

Exclusive Interview with the Face Behind Pahadi Badka

Pahadi Badka is a Himachali web comic started last year in December by a talented artist Atul Kalia. Within two months, his comics are loved and shared by varied audience.

Atul Kalia, also known as Pahadi Badka, is from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.

Atul Kalia

He is an enthusiast in the field of digital designing. The scenic beauty of his native place Devbhoomi, Himachal Pradesh has always triggered his insight and passion for sketching and poetry.

Atul Kalia 2

We, in an interview, are going to explore most of his creative journey at “RaidtheHimalaya.com

Let’s start.

Atul, we would like to know more about you — when had you started drawing and what do you do for living?

First of all, thank you for setting this interview and appreciating by creative efforts.

So my full name is Atul Kalia and I am drawing since I remember. It all started with doodling on newspaper to colouring my rooms’ wall from crayons as most of us do in our childhood.

I am a Graphic Designer by profession and currently working with a reputed University of Punjab, India.

Pahadi Badka Comic 2

How first you got into an Artistic Profession and what inspires you the most being a creative person?

Since childhood I was not good in studies at all but later becoming a university topper, I found the artist inside me. Five years of my university life was a phase of complete transformation.

In my home everybody draws — my mother, my father and my elder brother .The beauty of my birthplace has always helped me in creating art that connects to people on regional grounds specifically.

Pahadi Badka Comic

How you come up with this name “Pahadi Badka”?

People ask me this question a lot. While thinking about the comic characters before initiating the comic, I kept two things in mind. First, the name should be very easy to be recognised by people of Himachal. So I thought of “Badka.” It is a quite popular word in all over Himachal, and adding “Pahadi” was like giving it an essence; a feel of mountains, scenic beauty and purity. The second thing is that I am the youngest male member of the family. Sad enough, no one can call me “Badka” 🙁 , . So, I chose Badka as a name and now sometimes even my elder brothers call me and say “Badka ji Kya haal aai?”

Pahadi Badka Comic 3

What exactly is your Aim that you want to achieve with Pahadi Badka Comics?

My AIM is to promote the Art, Lore, Food, Culture and Language of Himachal — all under one brand. Padhadi Badka is my dream project and I will try my best to make the best out of it.

Pahadi Badka Comic Dham

How much satisfying is the number of ‘likes’ you get on your Comics?

Frankly speaking, I am not into the numbers game. My parents are very proud of me. And the love and support I am getting these days from all over Himachal is the best feeling ever. This is something very satisfactory already

Phahadi Badka Comic

Last question Atul, What are your future plans for Pahadi Badka?

Soon, I am planning to launch some T-shirts and badges in a collaboration with www.redwolf.in (Pahadi Badka official Merchandise Store) Plus, some more interesting things are getting lined up and will be updated on my Instagram account.

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And last, I want to thank all of you lovely people out there who are sharing my content and helping me in promoting the Art, Culture, Language and Food of Himachal. PAHADI BADKA LOVES YOU ALL…. KEEP SHARING MY COMIC!!

Pahadi Badka Comic

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