HRTC -Your best travel partner in Himachal

Perks of travelling in hrtc.

Travel tip: If you find yourself in himachal pradesh willing to travel somewhere, do not attempt to drive yourself. Rather, take these HRTC buses familiar with the conditions, the terrain , and more importantly, the unwritten climate script, either it is raining or snowing,no need to worry, just sitback and enjoy the view.

I am blessed, to travel most of my life siting in these hRTC buses and see the efforts of drivers, trying their best to provide best services to the people trusting HRTC to reach their destination, irrespective of how the condition plays.

In order to get to some of these feelings
where prospective-changing and a whole new level of adventure, is in progress, we have to drive long distances. Many of the roads, HRTC travels aren’t just wide enough that two vehicles could pass each other.
The roads taking us up into the mountains, with all the blind curves that entails. While a few guardrails did exist, the majority of the time when looking out of window we could see straight down the mountain.
And every single second spent traveling in these buses are going to be the best moments of your life, trust me.
Every curve you take, takes you to the something new. Something adventurous, something that fully satisfies your soul, something that gives you a life long memory to remember.

So next time you are planning to travel, rather than driving yourself take HRTC and enjoy the view.



Himachal Parivahan :- LIFELINE OF HIMACHAL PRADESH. ❤️❤️????

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