Different Levels of Hiking l Best Guide ✅for Hikers

Different Levels of Hiking

                                                     Complete Guide to Hiking Skill Levels

Different Levels of Hiking

Hiking Levels:Different Levels of Hiking

It is of utmost importance to know your hiking skills, before planning any hiking trip. If you are planning to go for a hike first time or even if you are a regular hiker it is still necessary to know at which hiking level you fall, to plan a safe hiking trip. This hiking guide will provide you complete information about the different hike levels so that you can learn about all the levels and see in which category you fit so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Based on hikes ratings used by different websites, hiking skills are categorized into 6 levels

  • Novice
  • Advanced novice
  • Moderate
  • Advanced moderate
  • Expert
  • Expert backpacker


Different websites i.e. Modern Hikers and All Trails use Trail ranking to determine the different level of hikes, someone of you may have experienced this before and based on those rating, you determine your skill level.

For more understanding let’s take an example of two different hikes level mentioned on a website, one is ranked as easy and the other one is ranked as moderate level, but the question popped up in mind is that what factors determine the level of difficulty. If you are a regular hiker, trails that are rated as difficult might seems at a moderate level to you, and to a beginner hiker, even a moderate level hike may seem at a difficult level. As for myself, I love hiking and consider myself an expert hiker so to me mostly difficult-rated trails do seem at a moderate level.

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Hiking Level Importance:

If you are a new hiker then it is best to adhere to the rating level of hiking as suggested by these official websites. After going out on some long hiking trips and getting enough experience by yourself and understanding your stamina and time to cover the distance, altitude gain, and the difficulty level of the trails then you can use these ratings just as a guide or a reference. To give more in-depth information about these hiking levels and to help you determine your hiking level I have compiled a complete guide.

Different Hiking Levels:Different Levels of Hiking

  • Novice: This level includes beginner hikers with no prior experience. People with no hiking experience, less physically active, and people of all ages fall at this level. This level involves no real inclines or some simple inclines and least terrain difficulty. It should be like taking a long stroll in the Park where the surface is usually flat.
  • Advanced Novice: New hikers with some basic experience but still unfamiliar with the altitude gain, rock scrambling, water crossing, terrain type, and overall difficulty of trails fall at this level e.g. hikers with an experience of 500-1000 feet. An advanced novice hiker although can hikes at a steady pace but still needs to get frequent breaks with the increasing distance and altitude due to lack of experience. It is always good to keep water with you to maintain hydration and energy level.
  • Moderate: Regular hikers or physically active people fall at this level. At this level hikers usually cover long distances along with a moderate level of altitude gain. Hikers at this level can hikes
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for long-distance with incline without feeling tired and out of breath and are also able to plan and go for a hiking trip with different terrain and weather conditions and can explore new hiking trails.

  • Advanced Moderate: Experience hikers who can hike for long hours and can incline an attitude gain of several thousand feet to fall in this level. Hikers at this level know their pace well and can adjust the pace accordingly to maintain a certain level of energy. Hikers on advanced moderate level also know how to handle extreme conditions as hiking usually lasts long so they always planned accordingly.Different Levels of Hiking
  • Expert: Experienced hikers who have experience of long days hiking trips and hiking in different conditions fall at this level. Hiking trips usually last for many days so hikers at this level have much experience and idea of the pace, and can adjust pace according to his body and incline to reserve the energy level and can rest when needed. At this level, hikers can easily plan hiking trips for a few days.Different Levels of Hiking
  • Expert Backpacker: Similarly to different levels of hiking there are different levels of backpackers too, but expert backpackers are those who have experience with at least one-week long hiking trip. Experts backpackers can go for the longest hikes with great inclines throughout the hikes and can go hiking through the various wilderness based on their interests.

What is Your Hiking Level?

So, after reading the article, what do you think about what kind of hiker are you. I consider myself an expert, as I love hiking and do plan and go for hiking trips of a few days which involve different weather conditions, difficult terrains with high altitude. It’s my goal and dream to become an expert backpacker one day. Determining your hiking level and abilities is very important to plan hiking trips and it is also important to consider different weather conditions and plan your trip accordingly. So, when looking at different hiking spots and places and making a plan to go do consider all these factors and use your experience to have a memorable trip.Different Levels of Hiking

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Anyone want to share his hiking experience, the level of hiking, and the goal with all of us?

Does anyone want to give some pointer to new hikers to consider?

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