Exclusive Interview with the face behind Dibba Rangeen

While searching for the creator, we discovered the real face behind the character Dibba Rangeen So here is an interview with Reshu, the creator of Dibba Rangeen:Dibba Rangeen Interview

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Q: Reshu, we would like to know more about you & your creative journey.

A: First of all, I would like to thank you for featuring my journey on your website & not to mention, how much in love with Himachal I am.

I have been creative since my childhood & hoarding stationery has been one of my hobbies (haha). From creating drawings on paper to DIY projects, painting walls & even stitching & embroidery, I have tried it all. However, I never portrayed this creative side of me to the larger audience. Last year, I decided to start a page on Instagram out of the blue to do that. Though initially, I had no idea what to post & what not to, I posted anything I created. One day, I created a comic & I got a different kind of happiness upon creating it & I just knew that this is what I want to do. I have been creating comics , funny illustrations and try to spread positivity & happiness through my page.

Dibba Rangeen Interview

Q: How did you to take up illustrating as a profession & what inspires you most to create comics ?
A: Initially, I did not know how to go about illustrations. But eventually, my urge to learn kept growing & hence my skills improved. I did not start illustrations to make it my career, I started them as a passion, which grew so much that it turned into a profession. With improved skills, work came eventually. I felt so connected to what I am doing that I took it up as a profession. I am extremely happy to say that “I love my job / work & I would not trade it for anything & I am sure that I can do it for the rest of my life.”

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Dibba Rangeen Interview Insta

The inspiration for drawing comes from things happening around me, things happening in the world. I tend to draw inspirations from anything I see. If I feel that a story is funny enough to be told , I turn it into a comic & post it on Instagram.

Q: How did you come up with the name “Dibba Rangeen
A: When I created my page, I wanted a name that had a little fun element in it, which would be easy to pronounce & with which people could easily connect in the future. I finalized a few names, narrowed them down & finally decided to go for ‘Dibba Rangeen’ since my work dealt with colors. However, for initial few months, I kept the name to be ‘Doodles.Shoodles’ but eventually, I could not resist myself from the name ‘Dibba Rangeen’ , because I felt connected with the name.

Dibba Rangeen Comic

Q: What exactly is your aim that you want to achieve through your comics ?

A: If I have to tell in one word, then that would be ‘Happiness’. If someone visits my page & could laugh a bit or their mood is uplifted, I consider it as a huge achievement for me. I intend to spread positive thoughts & as much cheer as I can through my comics & my work.

Dibba Rangeen Interview

Dibba Rangeen

Q: How much satisfying is the number of likes you get on your comics ?
A: Honestly speaking, the number of likes is quite unpredictable. Anyone who is creating content, puts in a lot of effort & hardwork to create every single post. However, it is possible to get least number of likes on your own favourite piece of work. The number of likes does not decide how much better an artist you are. For anyone reading this article, I would suggest not to bother yourself with the number of likes & shares. Be consistent & you will find your audience one day. That’s what I am doing & I am thoroughly enjoying the process. Never stop learning & value constructive criticism !
Dibba Rangeen Interview

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Q: Last question Reshu, what are your future plans with Dibba Rangeen ?

A. If someone would have asked this question to me a year back, I would have been so lost. Haha . But I have some amazing plans for my work. I intend to launch my own merchandise very soon. Everything right now is in the processing stage. Dibba Rangeen has become my dream project & in times to come, I intend to build a brand around my work. Also, I never want to stop entertaining my audience with my silly jokes & comics. Not to mention, I am forever grateful to the people for showering so much love to my work.

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