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Chadar Trek

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Famous as the Chadar Trek, the Zanskar River trek or frozen river trek stands amongst country’s most challenging winter treks. Your strenuous trail through the snow-clad mountains will be passing through frozen waterfalls, mountain caves, and valleys. This arduous Indian Himalaya trail is about experiencing craggy rocks and ice-clogged river. This meticulously designed 9 days itinerary will ensure that throughout your trekking duration, you remain soaked into frozen Zanskar valley’s surreal beauty.

1. Temperature: 

Zanskar valley experiences different temperatures across the 365 days of the year. April to mid of August marks the summer season here; while winters fall between September to March. With a temperature range of -2 to -15 degrees, winters are best for the adventurous Chadar Trek which is known as one of the most extended winter trekking destinations of our country. As summers temperatures here range between 10 to 25 degrees, those months are mostly reserved for sightseeing activities. During winters, you will see the rivers to be covered with ice sheets which starts melting with the onset of summers in April. There’s no rainy season here. The region remains dry and arid for the most part of the year.

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2. Weather:

There are basically two seasons here in Zanskar valley – summers and winters. From April to mid of August, Zanskar valley celebrates its summer break. This season is mostly preferred by tourists who are keen to explore sightseeing destinations in and around this valley. The weather will be warm in summers with crystal clear sky. On the other hand, September to March is the season of Zanskar winters. This is the period of actual Chadar trek when the Zanskar river covers its top surface with a glittering ice sheet. The weather remains chilling cold and is accompanied by snowfall.

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3. Cost: 

For Chadar trekking adventure of 9 days and 8 nights, you will be spending approximately 26500 INR per head. However, your final package cost will vary according to the services being offered or opted for. It is essential for you to take a note that your package cost would be exclusive of the meals during your stay, gears you need for your trek, camera charges, beverage charges, and charges for emergency medical services. Also, in the event of extreme weather conditions such as landslides, or roadblocks, you will have to owe the expense additionally.

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4. Things to carry:

Chadar Trek Things to Carry

Before you plan on your itinerary, you need to have a checklist for all the essential elements to take with you for your Chadar Trek. ID proof (driving license, passport, voter ID pass), indemnity and medical certificate, and 4 passport photos are important ones. If you are on some medications, carry all your essential medicines and its prescription with you. Your clothing will depend on the weather conditions at Zanskar valley. Gumboots and sports socks or woollen socks are imperative to endure the long-distance trail. Besides these essential stuff, you are required to carry LED torch, batteries, trekking pole, cold cream, 

night creams, sunscreens, sunglasses, toilet kits, and quick-dry towels must be with you. In the end, do not forget to carry some quick to eat snacks to provide you with energy during your trail.

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5. Best time:

Chadar trek is a winter trekking adventure of the Zanskar valley, and winters here extend from September to March. Throughout this period, the Zanskar river remains covered with an ice sheet and the surrounding region is all covered with milky white snow. Your trek will definitely start early with the rising sun. So, at the end of the day, you can relax at various campsites there. As you trail along the strenuous mountain, there are many spots where you can collate some beautiful moments. Frozen river, deep valleys, and mountain caves are some of them. Summers are mostly reserved for sightseeing activities.

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6. How to prepare:

Chadar Trek
Chadar Trek Best Time
  • Before reserving your winter vacations for Chadar trek, be sure that you are not the one with a light heart. Apart from all the essential documents and stuff to carry, first you need to prepare your mind to face the extremities that you might come across. Your mental endurance is of paramount importance for you to sustain the chilling temperatures of Zanskar valley.
  • You can use 4 layer clothing to ensure that you remain warm throughout your trekking period.
  • Woollen cap, gloves, and gumboots are essential. You might experience shoe bites with gumboots if you are not used to it.
  • In case you fall at any point, remember to stand up first by rolling your knees on the ice sheet.
  • Make sure that your electronics stay warm in the extreme cold.
  • You must be able to sustain a walk of at least 5km within 45 minutes without experiencing stress. Also, you should be able to carry a load of 10 kg backpack with you.
  • If you are someone with heart issues, respiratory issues, or blood pressure issues, you are advised not to participate in this trekking experience.You may also like: Chadar Trek Photos

7. Itinerary:

Here’s a quick to refer 9 days itinerary for your Chadar trek –

Day 1 – 

  • Arrival at Ladakh Airport
  • Shuttle to hotel
  • Check-in at hotel
  • Breakfast/Meal
  • Acclimatization

Day 2 – 

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Leisure activity – Leh shopping

Day 3 –

  • Early morning breakfast
  • A medical check-up at Sonam Norbu Memorial Hospital.
  • Collect your insurance, wildlife permits from your organizer
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Day 4 – 

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Drive to Shingra Yokma.
  • Overnight stay at campsite Gyalpo.

Day 5 – 

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Trek to Tibb Cave.
  • Mid-way lunch
  • Overnight stay at Tibb Cave campsite

Day 6 – 

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Trek to Naerak Camp
  • Lunch and overnight stay at Naerak

Day 7 – 

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Trek back to Tibb Cave.
  • Meet locals wearing Gonchas.
  • Overnight stay at Tibb Cave campsite.

Day 8 – 

  • Early morning breakfast
  • Trek to Gyalpo.
  • Drive to Shingra Yokma
  • Day at leisure and overnight stay at Shingra Yokma.

Day 9 – 

8. Distance:

Zanskar valley is located at a whopping height of around 11000 feet. This pristine hiking trail covers a range of approximately 105 km. As the distance is more, it is obvious that you won’t be able to wind it up within a day or two. Your tour organizer will split this entire distance into attainable goals. So, you will be covering around 15 to 17 km distance per day. As your trail is 105 km long, you need at least 9 days to wind up your entire trail successfully. You can reserve one day prior and one day later for your flight travel to Ladakh.

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This is all about Chadar Trek for you. If you need any additional information regarding reservation availability or similar issues, you can drop your query in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for upcoming tours and treks.


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