Chadar Trek | Your Ultimate Guide 2020

Chadar Treak

Chadar Trek | Your Ultimate Guide :Credit:chadartrekguide Famous as the Chadar Trek, the Zanskar River trek or frozen river trek stands amongst country’s most challenging winter treks. Your strenuous trail through the snow-clad mountains will be passing through frozen waterfalls, mountain caves, and valleys. This arduous Indian Himalaya trail is about experiencing craggy rocks and … Read more

Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh | INDIA’S ANSWER TO SWITZERLAND

Khajjiar Direction

Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh : Credit:findingmyshore Unplanned trips turn out to be a total surprise for me,most of the times. And I try not to miss these surprises,even if those are just weekend getaway plans. Just 2 days of travelling can do wonders to your soul if you love travelling. Two days, in a place totally … Read more

Spiti Valley Weather | Experience at Spiti Valley

Spiti Travel Guide

The Dreamy Desert Mountains Spiti Valley Weather Sketches of my experience at Spiti Valley | Credit:neelstoria It was dark in the room as I lay cozily tucked inside warm cotton quilts and blankets replaying the day’s events while my sister was fast asleep right beside me. It always takes me a while to fall asleep and … Read more