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Camping in alaska

Camping in Alaska :You may be an avid or experienced camper and feel you have all the knowledge necessary to pack effectively for your camping trip to Alaska. When it comes to this state though, what you bring or do not pack can make or break the trip.

Camping in Alaska

A Whole Different Animal

There is no pun intended in the title above, but one thing is for sure, packing for an Alaskan camping trip should not be taken lightly. Although some wildlife comes near campgrounds, the number of imposing animals that roam through Alaska wilderness is immeasurable. When camping in great outdoor Alaska there are many precautions to take.

Camping in alaska is known for cold temperatures, so whether camping in tents or RVs during summer, it is vital to bring adequate clothing to keep warm. Sleeping bags rated for cold weather combined with an air mattress or pad to keep you lifted off the ground, is imperative. Clothes that are highly insulated and capable of wicking moisture away from the body are important, as is layering for fluctuating .  temperatures. This reminds me of one of my favorite hiking quotes.


Additional Concerns When Packing

Camping takes place far from the cities, so ensure you bring all your necessary prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. Pack a first aid kit in case you get a minor cut hiking through brush. Water treatment pills or a water-purifying system are effective in filtering giardia parasites from tap water. Bring sports drinks along with salty snacks to maintain your body’s electrolyte balance when hiking.

Other essential camping gear include:

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Lightweight cooking equipment or cast iron cookware if traveling by car or RV, along with waterproof matches.

Zip-lock bags to store food and keep it dry from rain.

Mosquito netting over tents or chairs, along with insect spray. Head nets are available to fit over hats while hiking. Wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants also curtail mosquitoes.

A snakebite kit is necessary.

A satellite phone is preferable to a cell phone, because it works well in the wilderness. If you must have your cell phone, make sure it’s unlocked .

Bring a map and compass to navigate your way.

If driving an RV or car, bring several spare tires because no mechanics will be nearby. Bring several quarts of oil, extra fuses, tools, belts, and hoses in case of a vehicle emergency.

There are times when Alaska can provide so much serenity it becomes isolating. So bring crossword puzzles, word games, a journal for your innermost thoughts, paperback books, and a camera with extra memory cards and batteries to capture the beauty.

No matter how you look at it, camping in Alaska can be a breathtaking experience as long as you prepare properly. Nothing beats camping by an Alaska sunset.

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