Bijli Mahadev Trek | Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Bijli Mahadev Trek | Your Ultimate Travel Guide :


Okay so there we were after travelling for some 2 hours in the bus for our Trekk up to The Bijli Mahadev  totally clueless we had no idea from where our Trekk would start so we just went with the stairs that were infront realizing later that our adventure already began,


Himachal is not himachal only because of its rich culture and serendipity but due to its people too. We had smiling himachali women giving us a warm welcome hah!!! The ones coming down from the top were assuring that we can do it, kids passing by giggling at our worn out stamina but somehow we reached the Bijli Mahadev Trek top and were awestruck by the beauty !!!! I mean it was just so beautiful.

Bijli Mahadev Trek
Bijli Mahadev Peak Photo Source

Bijli Mahadev Trek located at the altitude of 2,640 m so our Trekk was just somewhat 3 kms that’s it!!!! ??? As the legend has it while kullu valley was facing the wrath of Lord Indra hit by heavy lightening that’s when Lord Shiva asked him to pour over his anger over this place and spare the valley to which Lord Indra agreed!!! There’s a tall pole outside the temple which is said to blessed by the divine lightening n thunder since then and its even said that the Shiv Ling inside is hit by the thunder and scatters up after which the Panditji is believed to be collecting pieces of the shire and joining them back using “Sattu” and “Butter” .

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This place therefore is a place that reflects divine spirit of MAHADEV therefore the name BIJLI MAHADEV.

Camping is one of the best thing up here especially with friends. “Atithi devo bhavh” is very well apt here the people are pure love and you will be acknowledged as “Mehmaan”.

How to reach:- Can book a private taxi or catch a bus for bijli mahadev from kullu bus stand.

Whom to contact for camping: – Chandu Bhaiya( u can meet him at the peak).

Which Is The Best Route To Reach Bijli Mahadev?

There are two routes to reach Bijli Mahadev: The first one starts from near Kullu town and the second one from Jana village. We recommend the second route from Jana village, which is near Naggar, a heritage village. You can reach Naggar from Kullu in an around hour’s time. This trek starts from Jana waterfall. Why we recommend this route? To begin with it’s beautiful.

On this trek, you walk on mountain ridges most of the times, cross dense forests and have spectacular views of the valley below. On the other hand, route from Kullu (Ramsheela village to be precise) is populated almost up to the temple (Chansari village to be precise). On this trek, you cross through multiple villages with hardly any forest areas left. The forests have been cut and there are people everywhere. There is also a road that takes you from Ramsheela to Chansari village and from here Bijli Mahadev is less than an hour’s trek. So if you want to be in the nature then you should start from Jana village. But if you want to go in a cab, then you can follow the Kullu-Ramsheela-Chansari route.

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How Difficult Or Easy Is The Jana-Bijli Mahadev Trek? Who All Can Do It?

It’s an easy trek. Anybody in a good physical condition can do this trek. From Jana till Bijli Mahadev, there are no steep patches and it’s mostly plain. This trek is ideal for elderly, first-timers, and families including kids. But hey, any nature lover can and would love to do it.

What Is The Best Time To Do This Trek?

Since it’s a short trek and you don’t reach an altitude of more than 2500 meters, this trek can be done in most months of the year. Some people, who love the rains and snow, like to do this trek even in monsoons and winters. But if you think you’d better do in better weather conditions then avoid in monsoon and winter months.

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