Best thing about travel in Himachal ?-Free tour guide?

I had someone ( an acquaintance) telling me the other day, how insanely lonely and aloof one must feel while doing solo trips! I smirked and let it go for how does one express the bonds you make,in words, while on a move!

I had an Old Auntie at a Dhaba asking me why I Traveled alone even when I have a husband! ( and why I never wore a nath in my nose like other married women?) I smiled at her and told her that the husband loves his bike rides way too much and I loved my mountains more than anything and that it was okay to do our own things!

IWhile standing in a jampacked Himachal Roadways, I had a bus conductor asking me,if I didn’t feel intimidated of this journey to The Unknown with people not known, just when a young man got up and offered me his seat! And I….Well I just smiled this time and let his gesture do the talking!

Here’s a picture of three beautiful Himachali souls who became my guide, my pals on one such journey to the unknown?

Photo & Caption Credits ➡️ @akankshasiwach

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