Rishu Bhaiji is a shepherd in Pulga.
He is very particular of the waste and disposal he makes during his trips especially plastic.
He picks up plastic where ever he sees it.
Be like Rishu Bhaiji
10 years ago when I first came to this valley, things were way different. Life was quieter, settlements were lesser in number, hot water was a luxury, tourist attractions were not as fancy as they are today, restaurant menus were not so elaborate, commotion was less, kasol was not a town which resulted in the river being less polluted, lesser plastic. Did you know the average foreign tourist uses one plastic bottle/aluminum flask and tops it up with water from the can, tap, spring, river or other natural sources? Why are we home grown adults not that sensible? Think about it. .
I have never understood the reason for mineral water n this place. You don’t need universally acclaimed mineral water in plastic bottles in a place where glaciers melt. The ones with weak stomachs, go to Shimla or sit at home. Definitely sounding derogatory here, and intend to because the pain is entirely for those who are constantly collecting these recyclables, (however non-decomposables) and simply burning them. Very few of the settlement people are like Rishu Bhaiji. He does it for his sheep so that they don’t eat crap but he’s doing every one else a favour too

And the second picture is how we see the forest – lush green, dewy! blurring all the crap in the background. How selfish is the human mind after all? .

Photo & Caption Credits @mannatbakshi

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