Auli, Uttrakhand

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Silent puffs of falling white, Snow upon the roofs and lamps and cars, Woods filled up with snow and ground almost covered in snow just a few weed and stubble showing last. Does this sound intriguing to you? If yes, then Auli should be next place you visit.

Auli located in Chamoli district in Himalayan mountains of Uttrakhand,India is a popular hill station and skiing destination. Almost at an elevation of 8200ft to 10010ft surrounded by oak forest with a spectacular views of Himalayas peak Auli can be perfect hill station for your next vacation.

Auli Travel Guide

When To VISIT @ Auli Travel Guide

Auli can be visited all around the year, however if you want to experience snow and cold, January-February is the best time. Moreover, according to my personal experience you should try to visit late January or beginning of February. This time is highly fit for skiing by this time mountains are covered with blankets of snow. During this time auli (Auli Travel Guide) receives the maximum snow fall and this trend continues till March.

Auli Travel Guide

Ways to ARRIVE@ Auli Travel Guide

There are numerous way to reach auli but people looking specially for adventure and thrill should go for a bike ride. That’s what I did, I chose to go for a bike trip from Rishikesh to all the way to auli which is nearly 167 miles. 167 miles of road covered by trees on either sides , as you make your way through the strech boast of incredible view and plenty of dangerous hairpin bends will leave you thrilled. You must be utterly cautious while driving on this road.

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Dehradun airport is the nearest airport to auli, so though you cannot have a direct flight to auli you can make it to Dehradun and then either take a cab or go with bus route.


This one’s personally my favourite one. You can either travel by your own motorcycle or rent one from Rishikesh. There are plenty of dealer providing motorcycles at rent in rishikesh, cost depends upon the bike you actually go for, Bajaj Avenger can cost you around INR 800/- while Royal Enfield or Duke might be slightly more expensive than this.

Note- only choose to hit road by yourself if you’re actually prepared for it, since riding through those treacherous roads might act as a test for your endurance.

By Train

Nearest train station from auli is Rishikesh. You can prefer Dehradun Shatabdi express, it reaches Rishikesh early in the morning from there you can book cab or take bus. Bus might be slightly on the cheaper side with INR 300/- Per person.

You can either take a cab or bus or another option is of shared taxi, shared taxi prices may vary depending upon how firm you’re at bargaining.


Auli is around 14 km from JOSHIMATH so, if you’re at a budget trip it’s better to stay at JOSHIMATH itself than booking a place at auli

Average price for a room at JOSHIMATH might be somewhere around INR 1500/- per night. Depending upon month you travel in, since their prices vary during on and off season

If you take a stay at auli rooms might be slightly on a expensive side. When I visited they were somewhere around INR 5000/- per night.

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In case you take a stay at JOSHIMATH then you can take a CABLE RIDE to auli. Gandola ride from JOSHIMATH to AULI is the longest cable car ride in whole Asia and definitely worth experiencing. Cable car ride might cost somewhere around INR 700/-

Auli Travel Guide Attractions

Here I’m going to mention some primary attractions of auli which are must to experience


Auli is the best skiing place for adventure lovers in india. Auli skii resort about 10km of trails, riding mainly for beginners and those who have just experienced. There are skii instructors and gear rentals. All the gear required will be provided to you by instructor himself.

•Highest Man Made Lake

Auli has the world’s Highest man made lake. This lake was built with a view of creating perennial artificial skii slopes at this adventure destination. The sight of this lake is truly majestic and royal.

•Panoramic view of Mountains

Auli provide a complete 360° panoramic view of Himalayan peaks. These lofty Himalayan peaks include Nanda devi, kamet Kamat, garhwal mountain range and Mana Prabat. These high ended mountains wrapped up in clouds give an alluring view

•Asia’s Longest Chair Car Ride, Gandola Ride

Gandola ride from JOSHIMATH to AULI is longest chair car ride ride in whole Asia and definitely worth experiencing. It covers an approximate distance of 4km and presents the traveler with gaping views of snowy valleys and verdant meadows below. This ride was built in order to present travelers AULI with a scintillating experience.

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•If you’re planning a bike trip to auli, be well prepared, keep your gears and route you need to follow prepared in advance.

You’ll also need permit and legal documents of your bike and driver licence

•keep your woollen clothes ready. Auli Travel Guide.

•keep a box of medicine prepared, as auli is at a little high altitude children or elders might face problem.

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